What Happened to Amber?

In case you don’t have a Bearville City account, haven’t been in BABW for a while, or just aren’t up on the current Bearville events, here’s the story of the recent hacker, AmberGirlsRock31. Well, this is what I’m pretty sure happened, just by reading comments on the related YouTube videos and playing a small role in the story.

I guess if Bearville is still around in a couple of years, this’ll become a legend, and people can come to this page to read about Amber the Hacker.

Credit for the videos goes to DaisyYellow61, BrittneySoftball, and StevenBoysRock510/707.

In the Beginning

Toward the end of 2013, several Bearville citizens (Daisy and Steven as mentioned above, Daisy’s brother AJTeamBear200, and someone else whose name I can’t remember right now) were hacked, and they couldn’t even get into their own accounts. Their passwords and email addresses were changed. For them, this meant they had lost nearly everything.

People spotted AnjaFurshion with some of the items, and figured out that she was one of the hacker’s accounts. Later on, ChantelKnight was discovered with Daisy’s BBL shirt, and, right away, it was known she was the hacker.

Chantel, also known as Bethany, had used several of the hacked items, including the BBL shirt and a coach whistle, in a recruiting contest on Bearville City. AmberGirlsRock31 was one of the winners of said contest.

Commotion on YouTube

Daisy then made a video about the hacker, mentioning that Bearville City had used the hacked items in their contest. This video spread like wildfire, but not without some controversy from people who insisted that Bearville City, Chantel, and Amber (who hosted another contest for a hacked pair of moose slippers) could do no wrong.

I guess I should mention that it was around this time that a friend, who will remain anonymous for this story, told me Amber was the hacker. This friend had heard from an inside source that the IP addresses of Chantel and Amber were similar. Also, Amber was the person who gave Chantel permission to have the contest in the first place.

People continued to argue over the entire incident. The main commenters were Steven, RedRockStar52, and yours truly (who had her own issues with Amber, but those have little to do with this story).

Another thing that I should probably mention is that MarianaRed4 was falsely accused of being the hacker on Bearville, and she got upset about it. I have no idea where the accusations came from or why she was accused, but it has something to do with the hacking story, so it goes here.


Amber and her friend, KrislynFurfect (I’m going to have to try really hard not to show a bias against her here, because, again, there were issues between us), announced that they were quitting Bearville about a week before the year was over. They were going to sell all of their rare items, including the items that were hacked, for real-world money. Not only is this a HUGE no-no, Amber and Krislyn ALSO promised Steven and Daisy that they would give the coach whistle back, which they never did.

If I remember correctly, eventually, Steven and Daisy did get the coach whistle from MickeySlowpoke, who traded a gift card for it EDIT: Mickey traded Amber money for it, and then apparently Amber gave the money back later.

Amber finally quit, and the story seemed pretty much over. Except for that people found her in a chat-free den, with Daisy’s account. What’s this, you ask? Read on and find out…

The Satisfying Conclusion

This seems like it would be best presented in a list, so here goes…

Proof Amber is/was the Hacker:
– As mentioned above, she was spotted in a chat-free den with Daisy’s account.
– She sold many of the hacked items for gift cards on Bearville City.
– When Daisy finally got her account and items back, she noticed that she was friends with Amber, despite never having added her.

Amber, Krislyn (though at this point it’s unknown whether or not she was Amber’s side account), and ChantelKnight, as well as another side account of Amber’s (RaeHoneycomb) were all banned. Oddly enough, AnjaFurshion didn’t get banned, and she still comes to BABW and just stands in the middle of the store.

Amber was also stripped of her administrator rights and banned from Bearville City. Almost everyone who had previously defended Amber now saw that she was really the hacker (apparently she was a good actress, too).

And so, the story of Amber the Hacker came to a close…


40 thoughts on “What Happened to Amber?

  1. This is a great article, thanks for posting lol. Amber is psychotic. It’s actually extremely sad that she stole those items and asked for real currency.. that’s literally against the law. I’m glad she’s gone, she was just an all-around fake, fake person.

  2. yes, i had my run in with amber too. i give her bear codes for a pair of furrys and after using my codes 5x’s on 2 seprate bears, alwasys same story they don’t work i’m sorry, while all the time she was on her different accounts adding them. i never got my furry and lies from this hacker and thief. She got what was coming to her.

    • I’d have to agree… 😛 It’s a shame that someone who did stuff like this was so popular and loved, but oh well, she’s been gone for half a year now and her rep is how it should be. 😆

  3. This article was really helpful:)
    i was banned from bc for making a multilpe account by accident:( bc is closed now.

    its so sad that amber did this considoring that she was friends with a lot of people i know. people kill each other to get bv items but its not worth it. bv is just a game. amber and others took it to far

    • Thanks! 🙂 The part about having a BC account was written back in January/February when people found out Amber was the hacker…it isn’t very relevant now. 😛
      Yeah, I never really knew/liked her that well, but she always had tons of stuff and a lot of friends. I honestly have no idea why she’d hack someone for items she could’ve gotten herself… Then again, I really wouldn’t want her to have stayed on BV or anything BV-related, since she was pretty cruel to me and my friends. :/

  4. What Amber did is very shameful & let’s just hope nothing like this doesn’t happen again.. But then again I know what Amber did was so very wrong! But I don’t hate her.. People can be forgiven for there mistakes, but I hope she realizes she technically destroyed her whole reputation..

    • Yeah, I really didn’t like her to begin with like I’ve said, but that was also due to some other things. 😛 I really, really hope we don’t get any more hackers like Amber… And yes, her reputation has been destroyed forever now. It goes to show you that you should think before you hack, if you’re even planning on hacking at all – there are definitely consequences, which can and will outweigh the good stuff. Besides, if you’re a hacker, there’s no chance you’ll even get to enjoy your items anyway, because you’ll have to hide them! 😆

    • Is Amber still hacking? No. Are other people possibly hacking? Yes, there are (unfortunately) always hackers going around, and it’s better to find them before they get too powerful, or before they’ve gone too far… 😛

  5. I never heard of all of this? By the way, is there an easier way to chat in Bearville? All the preset phrases make it hard to truly communicate.

    • When did you join Bearville? If you have Instant Chat and don’t go on any forums, you wouldn’t be likely to hear about Amber. You can get Safe Open Chat by going to the Settings page in your CyBearZone, on the page where you can also block trades and stuff. You do need to confirm your chat change through the email connected to your account, though. 😛

  6. Just was around looking at BABV posts and forums… I remember this, but I do know KrislynFurfect was ‘Trini’ who had no actual part of the hacking.

    • You got the nostalgia bug, huh? 😛
      Well, regardless of whether or not she took part in the hacking, I know she received at least some of the hacked items. Not all, but some. I seem to recall it mostly being old BVO and BBLs or something like that…?

  7. Just was browsing the internet and thought of bearville, because shocker i AM TRINI. I know the entire true story. So i’ll share, doubt anyone still comes on the internet and looks around at bearville stuff (besides the occasional few) I was falsely accused of the hacking. I did not take part of the actual hacking like the person above said. thank her for that. However i will not deny the fact i did know about Amber and what she was doing since i was one of her ‘better friends’ i knew it was wrong of her, but i couldn’t stop her. she offered me free items so clearly i am going to say yeah sure i guess foolishly. I knew i was quitting soon so maybe this was a crappy thing for me to do but i wanted to sell items for money lol. especially cause i was growing up might as well get all the money i can from all of the stuff i had to pay for. I didn’t even need any of the items that daisy and aj had (which are the same person lol) because i had my own items that i worked for just as good as there. yes, once before on my old accounts i DID have manager items thank you very much and tons of rare items. I spoke the Haili after this event to reassure her i didn’t have any part and she believed me and told her there’s no point in me trying to stay on this game anymore especially after all the drama i was put in. but thanks for your article. 😉

    • …Well, I’d argue that knowing about the hacking and not doing anything about it was almost, if not just, as bad, but whatever. I guess you’ve matured since we last spoke, but then again, most people have.
      …You have realized it’s not a good idea to rape people, right?

  8. Honestly, grow up. talking about ‘raping’ people in a virtual game? I barely even was on that game my main task was BearvilleCity because i had a passion and a love for forums and graphic designing.Other than that, i am your average high school teenager who trust me doesn’t even hardly use the internet because unlike the people still around i am doing something with my life, because if you knew me i played sports my entire life and was a pretty active girl. It was wrong i didn’t stop Amber, but hey she was gonna do it either way and it’s not like i didn’t say it was a bad girl. I just am really curious why you’re stating ‘rape’. Please tell me more about my life or you know my virtual life which clearly you don’t even have the right facts for that 😉

    • I brought it up because you used to joke about it in BABW. But hey, if you want more examples of how you two treated my friends and me like crap, I can come up with a whole list:
      ● You sent at least six or seven people to harass me after I made a JOKE about your forum.
      ● You personally attacked my friend’s family, to the point where she was in tears over it.
      ● You tried to turn everyone on BV against me because I didn’t want to join your forum.
      ● And, of course, the whole hacking and denial, though at least you know why that’s wrong.
      For someone who was apparently too busy with sports to get online all that much, that’s a pretty long list. Do you see why I’m not giving you a warm welcome here?
      I realize this is all stuff that happened three years ago now, and I don’t want to get into some massive argument over it. But you weren’t exactly the nicest person on BV. I’ve said my piece, you’ve said yours, end of story.

  9. Hmmm.. I love how you’re trying to persuade the blame onto me. But yes, i was a very nice person unless you have done something to me and clearly i don’t remember do anything of that stuff i’m glad you do, because trust me wouldn’t have done it for fun!

  10. Quite childish that you’re not over it yet. Are you gonna grow up yet? I don’t blame Gi she grew up but she still was gonna defend herself. Closed a year ago, time to get off virtual games Marina.

    • LMAOOOOO. I love how you’re telling me this when I’m actually one of the people from BV who moved on the fastest. And sorry if I’m not like you forumy people who instantly forgive someone even though that person was a total bitch to them. Did you read my little list of things those two did to me? Yeah, now you see where I’m coming from. Also, what kind of sadsack do you have to be to send comments like this on Christmas Eve? Seriously…

  11. why suddenly the hate comments lmao?? and around christmas too? some people sure do like to ruin the mood lmao
    also, love the person above me “get off virtual games” says the one commenting on a 3 year-old post.

  12. was feeling nostalgic and typed my old bearville name and came upon this lovely post…

    (i’m amber incase the above statement wasn’t clear)

    i admit 100% to hacking daisy/aj and of course am extremely sorry/ashamed of what i did – i was a dumb 14 year old with no idea of the consequences of what i did (this is not an excuse)

    i wish i could’ve apologised myself to daisy but luckily bearville banned me and she got back all her items, i was also able to refund everyone their money/giftcards – so i really did try to make amends

    also, just putting it out there – trini had NOTHING to do with the hacking, it was all me, so please don’t blame/accuse her. i gave her some of the hacked items as she was a close friend of mine, but she didn’t fully know where they came from – she’s innocent

    marina – i see you mentioned above that i did some things to hurt you in the past (i hope not raping you) and for that i am so sorry – i have no recollection of it – but it clearly left a mark on you and for that i apologise.

    sending so much love to any/all of my old friends who read this (yes marina most of them did forgive me) – I MISS YOU GUYS


    – ambergirlsrock31

    (please send me an email so we can catch up – nicolemariebotha@gmail.com)


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