BV Forum Timeline

If you like forums, or if you’ve just discovered them and want to know which forums are currently active, here’s a timeline of the most popular forums that have existed starting in 2008. Note that dates for forums before BP are rough estimates. If you know exactly what happened to any given forum and want to tell me how I’m wrong about one or more of my descriptions (which I could very well be), please comment.

Bearville Insider
Lifespan: 2008-2012 (still somewhat active, but barely)
Information: Ah, the forum that started it all. BI was the only major forum to ever use Proboards instead of Forumotion, and it was the only major forum that had a separate website for news and updates. Many popular BV YouTubers from 2008 and 2009 were members of BI (LindaFriendly, EviePaw, EmilyRose, etc.) as well as a large amount of well-known rare people in 2009-2010. However, with the rise of other forums on Forumotion, as well as the fact that the admins of BI slowly stopped updating the forum, BI has been on the decline. It did return in 2015 for the closing of BV, though, and it’s now one of the two remaining Bearville-oriented forums, as well as the only active forum that is purely about Bearville.

Bearville Guide
Lifespan: 2009-2012
Information: BG was a major player in forum history during 2009-2011 before declining. The forum was officially recognized by the CyBearGuides, with some even contributing to BG. Several rare people were active members during 2010-2011, most notably MollyFlyer. BG lost its popularity for reasons that you can tell me in the comments if you know what they are.

Bearville Daily
Lifespan: 2010-2012
Information: Despite its large amount of restrictive rules in place, BD (not to be mistaken for Bearville Dreamers) was very popular in its heyday. Notable members included RedRockStar52 and her sister BaileyWaterfall76. BD didn’t decline like the other forums listed here did. It crashed, actually. Someone hacked into BD one day, and the owner was only able to regain control of the forum half an hour after it had been hacked. From there, it was just a downward spiral until the end of BD.

Bearville Place
Lifespan: 2009-2013
From Zoë: “Hello, I just want to let you know your missing Bearville Place. It was 2009 to 2013 or so. It was ran by Test. Its website was but now is Some notable members were Test, Bri, Gabby, Clay, Izzy, ZoeYouRock (Zoe) (zoeyourock426), Mikayla and SavanahCute.”

Bearville Playground
Lifespan: 2012-2013
Information: The beginning of the current era of rare people, BP set the standards for subsequent forums. Say hello to the Century Gothic font, the “traditional” six staff positions (admin, mod, chatbox mod, Trading Pawtrol, graphic artist, and event planner), and the standard forum configuration. And Amber. Yuck. Many of the noteworthy members of BP are still forum members today, but a few of them have quit now. Among both groups of members are/were AmberGirlsRock31, JalissaAdventureBear42, AlexisBearPaw8, her sister KatieBearPaw8, VictoriaCute930, MirandaShamrock22, and BritneyAwesome787. Despite the failed contests they’ve had, BP lost its popularity in the summer of 2013 when many of the members left to go to another forum…

Bearville Times
Lifespan: Summer 2013 (though it’s still kind of active, but not really)
Information: No, not the newspaper. BT was basically the forum that existed to fill the time between BP and BS– er, BC. Formerly Bearville Spring, BT was the first forum to have the set of three admins – Amber, HailiSnowflake4/HailiStitch, and SavanahCute25 – who would continue to be major BV forum admins until early 2014. However, the founder was not one of these admins, but someone who was most commonly referred to as Lexi (she changed her account a lot). Notable members were the same as on BP with the removal of Miranda and some others and the addition of SamanthaApril843. BT crashed, somewhat like BD did, in September 2013 when the three admins mentioned above used the admin panel to promote someone else to admin status and have that person completely destroy the forum, telling everyone to join…

Bearville City
Lifespan: 2013-2014
Information: BC was…a little harsh for a popular forum. Many of the prominent members had checkered presents, with one being a rapist on BV and – the most well-known example – one of the most popular and beloved admins being a hacker. If you would like to know more about this, please visit my blog page “What Happened to Amber?”. Despite the members’ actions, BC remained very popular, with nearly 1000 members before it closed. After Amber was revealed to be a hacker and Savanah quit (I have no clue when this was though), BC underwent some major staff changes. It managed to stay open until June 2014, despite nearly all of its notable members who hadn’t already quit forums altogether having gone to…

Bearville Boulevard
Lifespan: 2013-2015
Information: BVB gained popularity in early 2014, likely due to the Amber incident, though it has been active since November 2013 or so. The major players include(d) the founder, Anika (who changes BV accounts frequently), KatieSummer46, Samantha, and some others whose BV names I forget. BVB also marked the high point of the era where forum members rarely, if ever, went on BV, a trend that had started in 2012-2013. BVB became a multifandom site in February 2015 and is no longer a Bearville forum.

Bearville Rainy Days
Lifespan: 2014-present
Information: Don’t shoot me for the shameless self-promotion, thanks, I have a good reason for this. While the forum was created in January 2014, BRD became popular in the summer of 2014, becoming the unofficial forum for people who didn’t join other forums. It managed to gain many members up until the announcement about Bearville closing, after which it became a hybrid Bearville/Fantage forum. It and Bearville Insider are the only remaining active BV forums.


3 thoughts on “BV Forum Timeline

  1. Hello, I just want to let you know your missing Bearville Place. It was 2009 to 2013 or so. It was ran by Test. Its website was but now is Some notable members were Test, Bri, Gabby, Clay, Izzy, ZoeYouRock (Zoe) (zoeyourock426), Mikayla and SavanahCute.

    Also after bearville daily many members went to a site called It was ran by JanetGlitter31, Randi, ToriAllHeart and some notable members included Test, Red, Mikayla, Laurel, Savanah, Millie, Krissy, Sara (CharlieCuddles52), Zoe, Gabi and PrincessAllHeart.

    Some notable membrs of BI are FreyaFullofHugs, EvieJammin, ZoeYouRock(426), Meghanmusicluvr, StarBalletBEar, JEssbearhugs, mollyflyer, karenbearhug, CharlieCuddles52 and PrincessAllheart.

    Some members of Bearville Daily were PrincessAllheart, JanetGlitter31, ToriAllHeart, ZaireSlowpoke, CharlieCuddles52, Savanah, Krissy, and Zoe.

    • Thanks for telling me! 🙂 I didn’t actively follow forum things until Bearville Playground came around, so I had no idea about Bearville Place or the other site. And wow, I can’t believe I forgot Freya after spending all of that time reading the BI articles from 2008 and 2009! 😮

      • Ahh makes sense, I recently returned to bearville after a year or so of not playing. I have been on pretty much all the major forums. Also I forgot about Justin and Wendy from BI. They were the admins/site owners and Freya was the founder. I came across this while checking out Rainy Days because i keep hearing all the people on bearville asking us to join. So I decided to join! Also e/were you bettybeachbear7?


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