BV Boredom Busters!

So I’ve noticed a lot of people saying they’re quitting BV because they’re bored or there are no new updates. Well, besides the fact that BV is getting more attention from its staff than it has been since Spring/Summer 2013 (the CBGs’ condo contest says hello), here are some ways that you can kill some time or whatever until the next monthly update. 🙂

Yes, this was partially inspired by that list of things to do on PT that the Poptropica Help Blog has, but this list is formatted differently according to what kinds of things you’d like to do on BV.

If you want to submit a boredom buster that isn’t already on the list, comment what it is and I’ll add it to the list! 🙂

Ready-Made Tasks
These are almost all daily tasks that BV has for moments where you’re bored and want something to do. Most of these are pretty short, so you’ll probably want to do other tasks, too. Note that all daily tasks reset themselves (meaning you can do them again and it will count as a new day) at midnight Eastern time. If you do them then, keep in mind that it will count as the next day and you won’t be allowed to play them until the day after that.

  1. Complete the tasks on your To Do List. This is what they want you to do. However, if you get something like the volleyball game or Boats & Buoys then you can just kiss any chance of doing this goodbye. 😛
  2. Give a tour to someone. You’ll get a credit after every ten days you do this. 🙂
  3. Water, fertilize, swat the bugs around, and remove the weeds around your plants at the City Garden. If you took advantage of the bear code trick while you could, you should have a nice amount of money and fairy favors to start yourself off if you don’t have a garden or need more plants harvested. If you didn’t, you’ll probably still have fairy favors, but you won’t have a lot and you’ll therefore have to use them more wisely. You get three free actions a day for each plant. A rule of thumb is the more money a seed costs in the market, the longer it will take to harvest the plant, BUT you get more money for doing that. I have no idea whether more or less expensive plants are better off in the long run, but you can get the harvest rewards very quickly for the 100-Bear Bill plants (three days without fairy favors or help) while the 500- and 1000-Bear Bill ones take several days’ work.
  4. Visit Pawsome Panda at the Sportsplex and cheat on the fitness log thing by filling in all the checkboxes tell him how active you’ve been today.
  5. Go to the Coffee Shop and spend ten fun-filled minutes being a waiter or waitress and filling orders for noobs. Note that you will spend about nine and a half of these minutes standing around while nobody actually orders anything. 😆
  6. Go to the Bearywood Mall and do all your shifts. I’m pretty sure you get three per store (so 12 overall), but I never did the one in the ice cream shop so I don’t know for sure.
  7. Play the three daily free prize games: Furtastic Fountain, the backstage game, and the Lucky Oyster game. If you really don’t know where these are, look them up online. The backstage game will always give you 200 Bear Bills, but in Furtastic Fountain and the Lucky Oyster game you have a chance of winning one of the monthly prizes. These will always include a bracelet or necklace with that month’s birthstone, the plant associated with that month, and furniture and (sometimes) clothing items that have to do with any holidays during that month. You may win ~20 Bear Bills from the fountain if your coin falls in the water all three times, and you may win 250 Bear Bills from the Lucky Oyster game for no reason whatsoever.
  8. Invest your money at the U.S. Bank of Bearville. IMO this takes way too long to get all your money back. I’m not sure how good the interest rates are here either, but the thing I do know is that making money on BV isn’t as hard as some people (yes, Cord, I’m looking at you) think it is. 🙄
  9. Go to the Pawsitively Green Center and do the very easy Recycling Walk. Hint: Don’t look for items anywhere that didn’t exist in Spring/Summer 2008. This includes the cave since it was remodeled. There may also be two items in one area.
  10. Play the two fishing games until you get one of the monthly prizes from one of them.

Trading Activities
These are all related to trading in some way. It is not advised that you do any of these if you’re new or don’t have very much stuff. If you don’t know how to trade, don’t count on the trading value guides you can look up with Google, since these are all outdated thanks to the bear code trick. I’m not going to explain how to trade well here but you can talk to the Trading Pawtrolers on forums such as BRD if you need trading help.

  1. The classic trading activity, and the one you will probably spend almost all of your time on BV doing. Try to get the rare item(s) you want. This could be anything from bunny to sash to letter to moose. Good luck doing this, and don’t give up because someone won’t trade you something.
  2. The opposite of the above activity – try to trade off an item you can’t stand or don’t want anymore. Good luck to you with this, too!
  3. Go to any place that is not BABW in the den Bear Boulevard, and try to trade players who aren’t rare but seem like they’ve been playing for a while. These people will usually give you very good deals. If you’re one of them and you want to learn more about trading, please join an active forum and ask the trading experts there for help.
  4. Create a new outfit using only items that you’ve traded for. If you want more of a challenge, use only items you’ve traded for within the past day or week.
  5. Start a collection of an item. I have a lot of friends who do this and it can be kind of hard sometimes to get a big collection, but it’s really worth it to be able to wear your favorite item in whatever color you want! Good items to collect are fairly unwanted old Pawlette or BVO items that you can change the color of but are unlikely to come back (so stay away from the popular items like moose, letter, sequin fairy, etc.). Don’t collect the seasonal clothing items like the Halloween costumes or winter sweaters/coats because you’ll be kicking yourself come November/December.
  6. If it’s any time between October and April, buy all the seasonal items in stores (make sure to buy them in pastel/dark colors) and trade them off during the summer and early fall months when more people want them. This works especially well for the winter clothes because people start wanting them in September and October just before they come back to Pawlette’s for the season.
  7. If you used the bear code trick before you could get banned for it and still have a lot of extra PSIs you want to trade off, go to an area with newer users (Town Square works best) and trade your PSIs for old Pawlette and (if you’re lucky) old BVO items.

Solo Activities
These are things you can do on your own that don’t fall into one of the above categories. They’re good for times when none of your friends are on and you want to do something on BV but you just don’t know what you want to do.

  1. Try to get the high score (or on the list of top scores) in one of the games. Then take a screenshot if you want to savor your victory later on!
  2. If you have money burning a hole in your pocket, go to the Bear Stuff store and buy everything you need to redecorate a room of – or, if you’re feeling adventurous, the entirety of – your condo.
  3. Treat yourself to a “meal” at the Coffee Shop or Ice Cream Parlor. Buy some food and drinks, find a comfortable chair, and save your BV character from starving. 😆
  4. Watch one of the two short movies (read: commercials) at the Theater.
  5. Create a new outfit for yourself with only items from Pawlette’s or the Bearywood Mall. If you have a ton of credits, do this at the BVO. No cheating – you can’t just buy one of the ready-made outfits!
  6. Go to the Libeary and look at the Bearville Times archives. If you’re reading later issues, try to count how many times someone shows up in the Pawsome Pics. Look for your friends or for someone you’ve seen online before – maybe even try to look for yourself!
  7. Go to someone’s condo or beachfront home/ski lodge/cruise ship cabin and look at what they’ve done with their space. Note that you can only visit the credit homes if you have one yourself.
  8. Put together a dance sequence using the Build-A-Dance thing.
  9. Find someone whose outfit you like, then try to put together an outfit inspired by theirs.
  10. Dress up like your favorite character from something, or try to dress as close as possible to them, down to the hair and makeup. This is called “cosplaying” and is something my friends and I do sometimes. 😛
  11. Try to get one of the badges. For the Art badge, you can either play and continuously lose at Pawsome Painting or Beariffic Drummers and get 10 Art points each. Pawsome Painting is less tedious but takes more clicking to get the points. For the Growth badge, become a JCBG and log in or try to get the Growth points glitch (which will give you 25 Growth points, and for the glitch, you get 25 Growth points whenever you do something). For the Fashion badge, the only thing you can really do to make the process quicker is to change your look a lot at the salon or buy new clothes or furniture (10 Fashion points). For the Community badge, if you weren’t lucky enough to be able to abuse the bear code trick for 150 community points per bear, play the fountain game every day and get 25 Community points. For the Recreation badge, play Fast Paw and lose on purpose to get 5 Recreation points each time. The To Do badge is very tedious and can only be gotten by completing your To Do List every day for many many many days, and the Garden badge can be gotten when you collect or harvest a plant or help with a friend’s plant.
  12. Go to one of the hidden/unopened areas (Throne Room, Dungeon, Waterfall Mountain when it’s not July, Kooky Spooky Fun House when it’s not October, or Easter Island when it’s not the Easter event) and have fun playing the games and stuff there when it’s not the right season. 🙂 You can’t get to the North Pole because IIRC they moved all the accounts that were there back to Town Square.

Group Activities
These are all things you can do with friends if you’re all bored and looking for something to do. They’re good for when nobody is trading anything good, if you don’t just want to talk and talk and talk, or if you just want a change of scenery from where you normally hang out. 😛

  1. Take pictures together and send them to the Bearville Times. Then check on Wednesday-Friday when the newspaper is updated to see if you got in!
  2. Hold a fashion show at the Pawforming Arts Center.
  3. Pretend you’re twins/triplets/quadruplets/etc. and try to match each other’s hair and clothing exactly.
  4. Have a gift exchange with a friend where both of you have to give each other items that you think the other person will like. Set limitations if you’d like – for example, give your friend an outfit gotten only from Pawlette’s, BVO, or trades.
  5. Play Bear-2-Bear Baseball with a friend and pretend to be sports announcers.
  6. Go on an “adventure” with a friend. Will you go to the zoo? Scuba diving? To the castle? Hiking through the forest? It doesn’t matter, as long as you feel adventurous! 🙂
  7. Reenact scenes from a movie or TV show. How many people you will need for this depends on how many characters are in the source material.
  8. Dress like the other person normally does – without using any items they’ve given you!
  9. Take your friends on a tour of your condo. If you have a lot of bears, maybe skip the bear rooms unless you want people to be even more bored than they already are.
  10. Run a hotel, school, or restaurant at your condo. Enlist friends to help with things like advertising your hotel/school/restaurant and helping you run it.

Above and Beyond
These are BV-related activities you can do on other websites. You can do these alone or with friends, depending on what type of activity it is. If you need permission to join any of these sites, please get it so you don’t have to blame me for giving you the idea to join.

  1. Get a YouTube account if you don’t already have one and make videos of your BV character and friends. You could even record yourself doing the above activities!
  2. Get an account on a site like Pinterest or Instagram and post your BV pictures there.
  3. Join an active BV forum like Bearville Rainy Days //shameless self-promotion and meet new friends, play games, enter contests for rare items, and get trading advice.
  4. Get a blog and write about your BV life. The best blogging site to join if you would like to meet people while blogging is WordPress, which is the site you are reading this on now. Blogspot sucks is a quieter BV blogging site. If you don’t want to get a blog on WP or Blogspot, most BV forums have a section devoted to blogging, though the layout is very different from a blog on a site designed specifically for blogging.
  5. Search for web codes that still work on BV, and then try them out. Some good ones are the camera move code and the throwing toy bear move code. Warning: most of the codes you find won’t work.
  6. Look at the outfits people are wearing on blogs or forums, and then create your own outfit based off of these. A good site to check out for this kind of thing is

I hope these ideas helped you bust your BV boredom! Remember, if you have an activity you can do on BV that isn’t listed here, you can post it in the comments and I’ll add it to the list! 🙂


6 thoughts on “BV Boredom Busters!

  1. Heh ,I Should really do the TV Thing I CAN BE TEDDY DUNCAN FROM GOOD LUCK CHARLIE!!!

    (Thanks you! U Are Da Bestest 😆 )


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