Essay/Rant/Whatever, Part 2: Friends and Forums

Hey, remember that incredibly weird and stupid essay/rant I posted about how I used to be on BV? Well, why don’t we talk about the sequel to THAT?! 😀

As I’m writing this, it’s still the same day as when I wrote the first essay/rant, so my outfit hasn’t changed. Nor has my topic of choice. 😛

When we last left off, I had gained the powers of invisibility in BABW, and found myself forced to answer this question.

I decided to take the third option: try to become visible.

It seems like I can’t think or write about Spring 2013 at all without turning a corner and running smack into gushiness about how becoming friends with Katie and Heather changed my life for all eternity and BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Long story short: it did.

I should start out by saying that becoming visible, to the me of February 2013, meant being a Paw wannabe, and, BTW, this is the period of time to where we can trace back my habit of saying “rofl” all the time on BV.

According to Katie (whose memory does not suck for things like these) we met in BABW when she said her mother and my account shared a birthday, and I was like, “I hope you don’t have a four-year-old mother!” Or something like that. I don’t remember, because my memory sucks. Clearly, at the heart of every true friendship, there is a joke about someone’s mother being four years old (which is the age my BV account was at the time).

OK, the best-friends bit didn’t happen until later.

Like, this much later:

What Katie was apparently thinking internally: “Oh, yay! A new friend who doesn’t want to talk a ton and who just wants to spend some time making BV videos for my new YouTube account!”

What I was thinking internally: “Oh, yay! A new friend who will upload videos of us onto her new YouTube account!”

Shallow? Probably. But then again, I was pretty damn shallow in 2013, to the point of where this e-card would have been a very nice wake-up call:

Unlike with Katie, I can remember the exact date I met Heather, because it was the day I took this picture…

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 3.29.31 AM

…the day Katie’s BV video The Hidden Castle was uploaded onto YouTube…

…and the day my life on BV really began.

(And – ironically enough – Katie did a BV version of this song soon after we became close friends!)

Well, OK, you wouldn’t think seeing someone once would automatically make two people close friends like Heather and I became. But I’ll let you in on what happened to make us close friends: Pokémon.

Because I was obsessed with Pokémon at the time, I wanted to do approximately 2394890238490 cosplay videos of it. Which, after an incident with another girl, brought Katie, Heather, and me closer together.

So now I was on YT, but that wasn’t enough for my shallow self. Besides managing to appear in about 90% of Katie’s YT videos during April 2013, I set my sights for…

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 3.41.17 AM

To be continued, unless I come to my senses and realize this series of essays/rants/what-have-yous is too stupid to carry on with. 😛



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