CBG Christmas Condo Contest Results!

The CyBearGuides have just announced the winners of the Christmas condo contest! Here they are in case you missed the results!

  1. ValarieSpringFun (wins suitcase)
  2. ConstanceVeryBeary (wins green wand)
  3. SantaBearCub47 (this is DarleneSlowpoke) (wins basket)
  4. TiaSweetAsHoney4 (wins Christmas tree tote)
  5. FayeTeddyBear (wins 2009 top hat)
  6. ScottGreen3 (wins green monster feet)
  7. TabithaSmooth (this is TabbyFriendly) (wins red heart sunglasses)
  8. ChrisKnight123 (wins Chloe scarf)
  9. TJSunshine28, KimWinter78, GemmaBearilliant13, DianaTotallyCute36, and ChristopherAwesome290 (they all win a Love. Hugs. Smiles. shirt)
  10. SophieTapDance25 and AJ4LeafClover219586 (they win a Love. Hugs. Peace. pennant)

Anyone else who entered receives 5000 Bear Bills as a pity prize for entering. 😛

Thanks for reading! If you’re on this list – congrats! If not – I’m really, really sorry to hear that. :/ I left before the CBGs announced whether or not another contest was coming up, but I’m guessing there will be one for Valentine’s Day, so be sure to ask about that! 🙂


3 thoughts on “CBG Christmas Condo Contest Results!

  1. Reblogged this on Bearville is my Kryptonite and commented:
    Here is the outcome of the Xmas condo contest. I know someone who isn’t very happy about it… Neither am I. 😛 I may be biased because that person’s my friend. All credit goes to Marina for listening so intently to what the CBGs had to say!


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