Heather’s and My Birthday Party!

Heather and I had our joint birthday party today! I was really surprised that so many people ended up coming… I expected a few select people to show up, but definitely not this many! Who came? Well, let’s take a look…

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 3.42.04 PM
Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 3.47.24 PM
Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 3.53.07 PM

For more pictures, please see this topic on BRD: http://bearvillerainydays.forumotion.com/t452-heather-and-marina-s-birthday-party-pictures-november-2014


VIB Memberships Return?

So a lot of you probably know it’s my birthday today. 😛

I got a VIB membership as a gift, and apparently those are back in stores now! Last year, getting my VIB membership took some time because they weren’t being sold in stores, but I guess with BABW’s return to BV stuff they decided to sell the VIB cards again. 😆

I’ll post more later, but right now I’m a little tired, so I’m going to end this here. 😛

November Updates

Before we begin, I just want to post this.
Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 10.52.23 AM
Heather’s birthday was on October 30th, and I sent this picture of us all in without telling her that I did, so she was very pleasantly surprised to see herself in the Times! 🙂 Happy late birthday, Heather! 😀

Anyway, onto the main part of this post…

Once again, I’m going to cover monthly updates. Awesome, right? 😛

First of all, all the Halloween stuff is gone from stores, but the American Thanksgiving stuff isn’t out yet. However, the winter coats and stuff are back. IIRC they’re all the same as they were for previous years. I bought a lot of Short Winter Coats, by the way. 😆

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 4.33.09 PM Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 4.33.19 PM Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 4.33.28 PM

Some people might get mad that nothing new was added or even that nothing was brought back (seriously though what happened to letter coming back? like wasn’t that supposed to be now?), but tons of people seem to have some weird thing for the winter clothes (yes, Hannah, I’m looking at you) so that’s cool, I guess. 😛 I personally wish they would’ve brought back more of the coats that actually look pretty good, like the Women’s Coat or the Fur Trim Thingy from BVO, but there’s always the winter update for those…

Another important thing to note is that the Store Fur All Seasons is NOT open with American Thanksgiving stuff, possibly meaning that we’ll be getting another update soon. Hopefully they’ll put some stuff in BVO with that update, too. 😆

Finally, here’s something people may find interesting – this picture in the castle was restored to what it’s supposed to be! 😮

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 4.30.23 PM

Previously, this was just a shield (though the glow when you hovered over it without clicking it was rectangular), but now it’s a painting! Could this mean that the castle might be brought back?

They didn’t fix the part of it that said “Castle Photo Searc”, though. 😆

That’s all for today, guys! Expect a few more posts this month since my birthday is coming up. Also, I’m planning on doing a “Throwback Sunday” post sometime this month. Why Sunday? Just wait and see… 😛

If you have any questions or comments about anything in this post, be sure to comment below! 🙂