The BVpocalypse

Well, I just listed EVERYTHING that came back to Pawlette and BVO on BRD, so go read this topic:

The highlights…

  • Nerdy Glasses
  • Letterman Jacket
  • Sequin Fairy Dress (;-;)
  • Fuzzy Clogs

My thoughts…
Well, I can’t say I care about most of this stuff coming back. The only thing I’m really mad about being derared is sequin fairy. I was going to try collecting it and now it’ll end up like EFT did where nobody wears it because it’s a noob item. If Satin Holiday Dresses don’t come back then I’ll be collecting those instead.

Bunny is back to being the main pair of glasses everyone wants after a year of playing second fiddle to nerdy (sorry, Princess, people don’t seem to want sweep). For some reason moose and buffalo didn’t come back, which makes me think that (assuming this is a glitch like people seem to think it is) they were meant to be brought back. Let’s hope this isn’t the same with HPTs, which also mysteriously avoided being brought back. Which makes you wonder if the HPTs or someone who likes them struck a deal with whoever decides which items go in stores.

Overall this doesn’t affect me (or two of my best friends) very much at all. 😛


19 thoughts on “The BVpocalypse

    • Isn’t it a dress? 😆 Or did you get the one that’s a shirt and skirt? I think the dress is a lot more wanted than the shirt/skirt. I haven’t seen very many people looking for the shirt/skirt outfit at all… 😛

  1. Yes. My parents are very strict when I play video games because they don’t want me to tell a creep my info. There are a lot of adult men predators out there these days. You really don’t know who is behind the screen. Now, don”t get scared because God cares and loves you very much. 🙂

    • Wow, I’m sorry to hear that. :/ I feel lucky not to have really run into anyone like that (that I know of – but I have talked to all three of my best friends with voice chat, so I know they’re not) but wow… If you think you can try to convince them to let you get Safe Open Chat, then tell them that the filters catch a LOT of what you say and you don’t have to tell anyone anything unless you want to. But if you can’t, that’s cool, too. I know another person on BV who has Instant Chat and is able to talk to everyone else somehow. 😛

  2. Yeah AustinBearsRock27 is somehow able to read what people are saying even with Instant Chat! It’s kind of creepy actually. I am able to do that only by reading the chat bar only when people are hidden, but he can do it when they’re not. ^.^

  3. Hi marina,
    I know I asked this before but do you know any CBGs I could talk to about the cub condo contest? You told me I needed to contact one to enter. I looked and looked and I could not find any on bearville. A nice girl on bearville was trying to help me but there are so many filters on bearville it is kind of hard to understand. She did say something about bearville capital ? Is that a forum? I think it is and is it even still active? I really want to join the contest but I am so confused 😦 I tried asking people on bearville but they would not answer( I am usually in babw). We’ll if you do not know I totally understand because I do not know. But if you do or know some one who does that would be awesome. From—- SelenaBearDiva740 (aka groovy)

    • Yes, Bearville Capital is a forum. 😛 Ask NateCyBearGuide or AbegailCyBearGuide for information about the contests. They’re the most helpful out of the CBGs. 😛

  4. Eastern time that is great because I live in the eastern time zone 🙂 i never went on bearville that late before because my sister is always on the computer week days and I am doing stuff later over the weekend. This is why I am asking for my own laptop for Christmas this year. I have not been on bearville the last two days for no longer than 5 minutes. Thanks for the help 🙂 I tried sending you a friend request through the cyberbear zone thing but it said you had over 200 friends.


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