Throwback Sunday

So I said I’d be doing one of these in my November update post, and here it is. The reason I picked today to do it is because I email my BV pictures to myself instead of keeping them saved on my computer so they don’t take up a ton of space in a folder and I can still have them in one place, and today marks two years since I started doing that. Even though I’m including pictures I took before then. 😆

So here’s the first-ever BV picture I took…
Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 3.22.01 AM
This is from January 2011. I took this zoomed in to 100% and not in my inventory and used Preview of all things to remove the background. Yay for sucky graphic editing skills. 😆 And yes, I had bunny back then. I actually got my first pair in early 2010. Besides bunny, I’m wearing…

  • Large Purple Tiara – PSI (from the Adoring Amethyst Teddy)
  • Rainbow Shirt – PSI (from the Summer Hugs Bear)
  • Striped Girl Elf Set Skirt – old BVO (Christmas 2010)
  • Leggings – Pawlette (350 BB)
  • Super Hero Boots – quest/giveaway (Halloween 2010)

My hair in this picture, in case you can’t tell, is the salon hair where you get to pick the highlights. 😛

Here’s the next BV outfit picture I took…
Picture 4
This is from July 2012. As you can tell, I wasn’t very used to taking screencaps, so I nearly cut off my bear and half of my outfit here. (And in another picture I took of this outfit, I did cut off my bear – and my head!) I’m wearing…

  • Striped Girl Elf Set Hat – old BVO (Christmas 2010)
  • Bunny Glasses – PSI (from the Springtime Fun Bunny)
  • Bearville Jersey – giveaway (Camp Happy Heart 2012)
  • Flower Jeans – BVO (1 credit)
  • Furry Feet – PSI (from the Cuddly Lamb)
  • Rainbow Bag – fountain item/Chloe giveaway
  • Flower Wrist Corsage – Store Fur All Seasons (Valentine’s Day 2012)
  • DS Game Console – code from the Hugsville game

Note that I won’t mention any items from this list again in any of the following outfit lists. 😛 I looked pretty different from how I do now, didn’t I? I was obsessed with those pants… IDK why… -_-

Here’s my next outfit, which was from November 16, 2012, and is the reason I’m doing this post! 😛
Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 3.49.48 PM
See, now I’m starting to look a little bit more like how I do now. Except not really at all. I hope you like the blue hair, because that’s what you’ll be seeing for the next few outfits. 😆 I’m wearing…

  • Happy Meal Hat – McDonald’s bear (February 2012, and no, it’s not a full-sized bear)
  • Polka Dot Belted Outfit – old BVO (2008)
  • Pirate Pants – Halloween Pawlette
  • Bow Gloves – old Pawlette
  • Sequin Scarf – old Pawlette
  • Five Golden Rings – quest/giveaway (Christmas 2008)

Thankfully I had gotten used to taking screencaps by this point and no longer took pictures that had half of my character cut off. 😆

EDIT 11/17/14: CRAPPITY CRAP CRAP CRAP I forgot to publish this yesterday. My bad. I guess you could consider this a Part 1. I’ll have more of my old outfit pictures up here soon. 😛


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