And the maze prize is…

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 10.13.22 PM

…absolutely nothing! 👿

Well, I got nothing. I’m now wondering if the prize could be the Halloween Balloon Ride, which might make sense, since I really, really don’t think they would update the maze and reset everyone’s amount of days completed without giving people prizes… 😛

Personally, while yeah, it’s kind of disappointing to hear that there might not be a maze prize this year, I know that a lot of new players will be excited to get a new ride… 🙂

If you didn’t have the Halloween Balloon Ride from last year and completed the maze game, please tell me whether or not that’s this year’s prize in the comments! 🙂 Remember, in order to comment on my blog posts, you have to go onto my actual blog and not the WP Reader. :/


3 thoughts on “And the maze prize is…


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