I was bored, and…

Yes, I’m actually doing a fashion post. No, you’re not hallucinating. I was bored, like it says up there, plus I like doing the VIB gift fashion posts on BRD, so… 😆

Hmm… I think I’ll call this “How to Look Rare Without Wearing Exactly the Same Thing as Everyone Else”. 😛 There was a time in BABW where The Look was BUNNYFURRYEFTGRANDPINKHANDSREDPANDATAILFLORALCAPRISHORTS. Then, when half that stuff magically derared because of the bear code trick, people turned to moose slippers, and apparently sequin fairy dresses, too, because you can’t walk five feet in BABW anymore without tripping over someone wearing one. It’s actually a huge shock to me that nobody on any main forum banners is wearing a sequin fairy dress.

So for this post, the following items can just go right out the window:
Moose Slippers
Nerdy Glasses
Sequin Fairy Dresses
Letterman Jackets
And apparently my Floral Dot Dresses (tops) because people seem to go straight to those whenever I trade. 🙄

Outfit 1: This Was Rarer a Year Ago
Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 1.08.49 AM
Title says it all. 😆 Also, this outfit is mostly made up of old BVO items nobody cares about. Yay!
Rosette Capri Outfit Top – old BVO
Extreme Hoodie Bottom – old BVO
Furry Feet – PSI (from the Cuddly Lamb)
BBL Cap – PSI (from the BBL Bear)
Guitar Scarf – old BVO (shocking!)

Outfit 2: I Forgot the Way to the District…
Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 1.15.58 AM
…but at least I remembered how district people kind of dress. 😆
Rocker Vest – get invited to a rock party room
Tiered Tulle Skirt – BVO (1 credit)
Gladiator Wedge Sandals – old Pawlette
Plaid Hat – PSI (from the Scottie Dog)
Guitar Scarf – I just said where this was from



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