The Future of BABW

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I went to a BABW the other day, and, well, it was a very…interesting…experience… 😆 If any of you have been to one of the “new” BABW stores, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. If not, then read on… 😛

First of all, right after you choose your furry friend now, you have to take the heart you’ll put in it from this little bucket-y thing built into the wall. And then you have to put it on a screen. And THEN you have to tap something or other on the screen and choose what qualities you want your furry friend to have. I think you can choose from stuff like “happy” and “sporty” and “kind”… I’m not too sure on all the qualities, though, so you’d have to see for yourself. 😆

The fluffing experience was changed, too, so they took out the fans and added in another screen, which basically does nothing, but nobody cares about fluffing, anyway, and this is a really long sentence, so let’s move on, shall we? 😛

And then, the naming portion… -_____- If I told you they took out the old computers and put in something new, do you think you could guess what the new thing would be? THAT’S RIGHT! SCREENS! So now you have to put your furry friend ON the screen, and then you get to see the blah blah blah inside the heart, and if you do this, YOU EARN FRIENDSHIP! 😀 Whatever that means. Then you do the actual naming process, only they made it a lot more complicated than the old naming process, and you have to put in your last name (similar to if you’ve ever named a dino). :/ You also get to choose from three different certificates: a normal yellow one, a blue one, and a pink My Little Pony one. I picked the blue one. 😆

So this is apparently what all the BABW stores are going to be like in the future, according to the employee who we asked about it. Any thoughts? Opinions? Do you think the endless screens are ridiculous, too? 😆 Share your thoughts in the comments section below! 🙂

P.S. It’s also worth noting that they made the Animal ID and key code part smaller and they put it on the bottom corner of the certificate, so if that helps in anyone’s theory about OMFG BEARVILLE IS CLOSING IN DECEMBER WAH WAH WAH!, then so be it. While we’re on this, a bunch of newer bears still have what their BV gifts are, but some (like Trixie) don’t… 😛


6 thoughts on “The Future of BABW

    • I guess we all have different tastes, then. 😛 But if you want to know how the old BABW stores were like, the hearts were with the stuffing machines, the fluffing area was different and you could turn on this jet of air to fluff your bear instead of…whatever they have now, and the naming was done on a “computer” and not a flat touch screen. The initial choosing and the dressing were pretty much the same, though… 😆


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