WP Reader problem???

For some reason, for all my blog posts, it apparently doesn’t display the option to comment on the WP reader. Is there any way I can fix this, guys? I don’t get a whole lot of comments (though I know that not a lot of us on BVWP do) and I want to make things more convenient for all of you! 🙂

Also, it’s frustrating that on EVERY SINGLE BLOG EXCEPT MINE (it even works for all my other WP blogs, so I’m not too sure what the problem is with this one), you can comment from the WP reader. đź‘ż

Thanks for the help, guys!


2 thoughts on “WP Reader problem???

    • It was doing this when I had Zoren, though? And I can comment on your blog and Selena’s just fine from the reader… Plus Anna has my theme and I can comment on hers, too. :/


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