“What happened to your icon?!?!?!”

I thought I’d just clarify a couple things here, even though I changed my icon a while back 😛

Under the cut for rambling stuff.

This blog isn’t the only one on my WP account! I also have a few blogs that aren’t really related to Bearville, so I thought having a Bearville icon for all of my blogs would be a little weird… So now my icon is a picture I drew on Xat doodle of this lovely brilliant young lady:

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 3.52.15 AM

And to clear some other things up after seeing a post someone made about my blog, this is my only Bearville blog. None of my other blogs are actually Bearville-related. I understand that the blog move left a lot of people confused (and still following my old blog), but the old blog is not a Bearville blog.

I’m not going to post links to my other blogs here because of all the harassment and stuff that ensued last time, but I will say that I have a Battle Camp blog and I will also mention that you should totally get Battle Camp if you have an iOS (i.e. iPhone or iPad) device. 😛


3 thoughts on ““What happened to your icon?!?!?!”

  1. Is that someone me? I know I posted about Venting Ahead somewhere… Oh yes. On my 17 February 2014 post. Yeah. And I DO know that Venting Ahead isn’t a Bearville blog or your main one. It’s pretty obvious, I should think. Well, maybe not for other people, but certainly for me. And please, don’t think I’m rude… I overreact easily and sometimes don’t exactly phrase my words correctly. So normally tough, beefy people actually cry when I meant to say something nice. Anyway, it was great meeting you on Bearville today! 🙂


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