Valentine’s Day is coming up!

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Enjoy the image of me and Katie that actually has nothing to do with what I’m talking about 😛

Unlike the JCBG convention, the dance didn’t actually get canceled, probably because it’s been a Bearville tradition for the past five years. However, it’s running late this year (from the 13th to the 16th, I think). So get your dates ready if you’re lucky enough to have one out of maybe ten boys on Bearville as a friend (if you lean more towards the ladies, though, then you’re lucky and you have your pick of about a million girls), pick out your outfits, and get ready to rock!

Mystery Dinner!

Due to the Super Bowl being on this weekend, the mystery dinner has been postponed. We will be having it on the 9th. Sorry about that!
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Come to a mystery dinner at the Merry Mint Café this Sunday! We’re hoping to have it at 9 PM Bearville time (EST), but the time might change, so keep coming back to check!

What do I wear? Dress however you like – our dress code is casual (just no distressed jeans, swimwear, stuff like that)! Staff members will be told what to wear beforehand depending on what they will be doing. Rides are not permitted in the Merry Mint Café under any circumstances.
Who’s part of the staff? The staff members’ identities will not be disclosed at the moment, but rest assured that we don’t need any more help 😉
Can I take pictures/make a video? Certainly! We at the Merry Mint Café encourage photographers and filmmakers to spread the word about us! We do ask, though, that you inform us if you’ll be making a movie about our café beforehand.
Can I invite a friend? Sure! We have room for up to 9 patrons (though we don’t think we’ll have that many), along with our staff members.

RSVP List:
Please comment if you’ll be able to make it!
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